Integrity Management

  • Guaranteed employee benefits. Establish a healthy and safe workplace. Support the rights and interests among employees, supply chain and stakeholders in all aspects to create an optimal win-win situation.
  • Abide by international laws and ethical norms. Support diversity and inclusion. Respect human rights and customer rights. Enforce corporate responsibilities.
  • Comply with environmental laws and regulations. Practice energy conservation and reduce carbon emission. Develop green products and incorporate the environmental protection concept within product designs, raw material usage and production management.
  • Participate in social welfare activities and offer reciprocation to the society as a mean to benefit both the company and local communities, and therefore fulfilling social responsibilities.
  • TSKY aims to become the benchmark firm while observing social responsibilities in all aspects of commitment.

Labor Policy

  • Disallows the employment of minors under the age of 15. Disallows the employment of forced, bonded (includes debt bondage), indentured or involuntary labors.
  • Working time conforms to standard labor laws.
  • Employee salaries and benefits paid comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Respects human rights and administers humane workplace management. Employees should not be corporally punished, threatened, insulted, harassed, abused, or inhumanely treated by any means.
  • Employs, promotes, rewards, and trains employees with equal rights and opportunity regardless of race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, pregnancy, religion, political background, community member, marital status, or other forms of discrimination defined by the law.
  • Respects freedom of expression and freedom of association. Allows employees to communicate openly with managers about work related issues without fear of retaliation, threat, or harassment.

Environmental Safety and Health Policy

  • Continuously develop green concept designs, energy efficiency and concern for greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Comply with laws and regulations concerning occupational safety and health and environmental protection affairs. Manage and fulfill related responsibilities while continuously making improvements.
  • Encourage all members to fully participate in environmental protection, safty and health matters, and infuse all aspects of awareness within work related details.
  • Unwaveringly support measures that helps promote healthy living and mitigate occupational and environmental hazards. Strive to participate in health management and pollution and disaster prevention.

Anti-Corruption Policy

TSKY adheres to the business practices of honesty and integrity, and abides by the laws and moral values of the country in which it operates, thus under no circumstances will allow the existence of corrupt and fraudulent behaviors in the workplace. Based on the "Code of Ethics", "Code of Business Integrity" and other behavioral standards developed by the company, TSKY urges its directors, supervisors, managers, employees, and suppliers not to take part in any forms of activities that have known or suspected bribery and corruption.

  • All new employees and main suppliers are required to sign the "Letter of Commitment for Anti-corruption" to certify their acknowledgement and compliance with the policy, and avoid undertakings that involve illegal and corrupt business affairs.
  • All employees are required to participate in training courses and assessments that highlight the importance of the "Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct". The training programs should communicate the key concepts of integrity management, prohibition of improper advantages, fair trade, respect for intellectual property, duty of confidentiality to protect business secrets/customer information, identity protection, and retaliation prevention practices, etc., as a means to reinforce RBA commitment among employees.

Moral Principles

  • Integrity Management:Prohibits all forms of bribery, corruption, extortion, embezzlement and other unethical acts.
  • Prohibit Illicit Gains:Prohibits all forms of contribution, acceptance, reciprocation, and other likes of bribery.
  • Information Disclosure:Disclosure of information regarding involved employees, health and safety, environmental conservation events, business activities, organizational structure, financial position and operational performance should be carried out in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Intellectual Property:Respects intellectual property rights. Exercises and protects intellectual property rights when exchanging technical and production experiences with customers. No confidential or copyright information legally claimed by the company, customer and supplier shall be disclosed to any third party.
  • Fair Trade, Marketing and Competition: Committed to fair trade, marketing and competition standards. Signed the NDA to reinforce customer information protection.
  • Whistleblower Protection:Protect and conceal the whistleblower’s identity to prevent retaliation and threats.
  • Personal Data Protection:Protect the personal information of all individuals related to corporate business (including suppliers, customers, employees and relevant stakeholders) and under legal intentions and purposes, may legitimately collect, store, process and utilize personal data.

Conflict-Free Mineral Policy

  • Continue to develop green design concepts, use energy efficiently, and attach importance to greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Comply with occupational safety and health, environmental protection regulations and related requirements, perform environmental safety and health management responsibilities, and continue to improve.
  • All employees participate in environmental safety and health management, and implement the awareness of environmental safety and health in their work.
  • Continue to promote health promotion, reduce occupational and environmental disasters, and do a good job in health management, disaster and pollution prevention.

Reporting & Complaint Handling Mechanism

An open communication channel is available for all stakeholders to express their opinions or complaints on matters related to corporate social responsibility. Company employees are allowed to submit feedbacks or complaints via the company suggestion box or other internally announced communication channels.
Suggestions Mailbox:Tsky_suggestion@tsky.com.tw

The procedure begins when a complaint is preliminarily accepted by our ad hoc complaint handling team. These alleged cases will then be passed on to relevant departments for further investigation. After a case is proven to be true, a special committee would be assembled to deliberate and decide on the case. The imposition of disciplinary measures, recovery of improper advantages, or prosecution of criminal liabilities are contingent on the severity of the respective cases. While making efforts to strengthen the company's management process and internal control procedures, the instances of misconduct can be used as a warning and reminder to all employees to proactively prevent unlawful incidents from happening again.